Website Traffic Overhaul – How To Accomplish Successful Ads


Online marketing simply isn’t what it used to be.  There once was a day where keyword-stuffed websites were commonplace and effectively ran the internet, but once search engines wised up to the practice of over-stuffed and highly-fluffed websites things started to change. 

Organic search began to be a buzzword in the online marketing realm, but with such a saturated online market, effective online ads are starting to become more crucial than marketers ever thought.  Today, we’ll focus on how to accomplish successful online advertising.

Pay Per Click

Probably the no brainer to online advertising is pay per click and you’ll likely instantly liken PPC to Google.  Just as the name implies, you only pay when your ad is clicked.  In a sense, pay per click ads are a way for you to pay to play at the top of Google and other search engines. 

Additionally with Easton Advertising, pay per click ads will target users who are actually searching for the products or services you’re offering.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is an absolute haven for marketers looking to get their brand and products in front of potential customers and gives them a number of ways to do it.  Depending on the goals for your campaign, we can generate ads to direct social media users where you want them to go.  

Where social media really shines is the ability to promote posts and highly target your audience. Facebook’s Promoted Posts can be focused towards certain groups, regions, and buyers based on the unique criteria you set.  Bear in mind, however, that social media in and of itself is a free platform for your brand to showcase what its about if done properly.


Pop-ups are generally considered a nuisance in their traditional form, but serve a major purpose in online advertising in today’s marketing space.  Many marketers will leverage in-window pop-ups in order to offer discounts or content in exchange for newsletter, email, or blog subscriptions from website visitors.  

This tactic can be particularly useful if you’re working in earnest to create content and keep it fresh for visitors to come back to.  Regardless of your past feelings about pop-up ads, it’s time to put those aside and try a different approach.  Your website will thank you.

Email Marketing

While maybe not considered a traditional “advertising” method, email marketing certainly fits the bill when it comes to overhauling your website traffic.  After all, if you’re in the content game, you’ll need to make sure your readers are getting back to your website, reading your latest content, and getting exposed to your brand’s most relevant offers.

In addition to email marketing your content, you can leverage email marketing to create drip campaigns to warm prospective customers to your brand and help ease them into your products or services.  This serves a crucial role in lead nurturing and broadens not only the overall reach of your content but introduces you to your customers in a controlled way.

Video Content

Viral video is not only the way we share our world and what’s happening in it but a fantastic way to introduce your brand, your products, and your services in a simple, short, and concise way.  Today’s consumer has the shortest attention span of likely any generation ever, so video can capture their attention and their interest in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, video is generally cheap to get in front of potential buyers with the omnipresence of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  Actually publishing videos on a YouTube channel or Facebook Page is inexpensive (free in most cases) and will receive far more views, comments, and overall interaction from your audience.

Focus on Your Website

Advertising certainly has its place in your marketing portfolio but removed from a quality website really becomes more of an outlier than a pillar of your brand.  As a matter of fact, the foundation of your brand should be your company’s website and the be-all and end-all for your online advertising efforts.  And that’s exactly what we’re ready to help your business do!

All of that to say, make sure you’ve got a rock solid website for potential customers to be attracted to then work on getting them there with advertisements.  Building this foundation will pay dividends down the road and give your brand a home, the first step is to start with Easton Advertising.