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Content marketing is easily one of the most important parts of a brand’s online strategy. An effective content plan is founded on quality writing geared around optimized keywords. What does this mean for your brand? Well, it’s simple really; we would provide engaging content on your website and social platforms with the most relevant search terms that potential customers are using, based off of our research, so that your website comes up first in a random Google search. 

While we understand how search engines navigate through the what’s-what of the internet, we know that you understand your brand best. That’s why we will work closely with you to get your branded roots planted throughout your site. We will write creative content in any form you want, on any page you want, with the voice of your brand in mind. 

Well written content can help your business build up effective communication with your target audience to get results. At Easton Advertising, we have a team of highly experienced content writers ready to sit down and strategize every avenue of your brand. Nothing cookie-cutter about it; we want to customize your content to you and what your brand can do for others.


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Web Content

Writing content that is both relevant and intriguing will generate leads. We optimize your website with keywords so that your brand is top of mind and first in line for rankings.

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Blog Posts

Creative strategy from our group of writers is what sets us apart. We have a group of passionate marketers who contour their writing to fit your target audience!

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Landing Pages

As a branch off of your website, we create landing pages with dynamic graphics and engaging content. Whether you’re planning an event that needs a sign-up page or just an informational one-off, our robust writers are here for you.

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Seo Content

Let’s help your brand stand out from the crowd with our SEO content! We are a team of skilled writers who can help bring your brand to life with resonating material that will get results from keyword rankings. 

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Press Releases

 Sound press releases provide “the who, the what and the where.” Although press releases can sometimes be a snore, do not worry because we have a plan. Our seasoned writers can bring to life even the most cut and dry of press releases!

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You may think of it as an enormous task, but for us, it is simple breakdown of information to convey in a creative format.  Our expert content and design talent can turn a boring manual into an easy-to-follow guide for on-boarding, how-to instructions… just about anything!

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Facebook Posts

With millions of users on social media platforms, creating quality content might sound daunting. With the help of our fearless writers, we will boldly write content for your social accounts that draw in your targeted audiences.

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In a world of text-speak, emojis and the latest lingo, we’re proud to admit we can provide in-depth creative copywriting to inspire, invoke and advise with any copy or content situation you challenge us with.  Bring it on – we’re ready to write for you!

articles easton advertising web content marketing


Does the thought of having to write editorial, articles or a synopsis of an event, product or project scare you?  Well, it does not scare us!  In fact, we LOVE writing AND the written word, and we have the same level of experience with writing as we do with our creative design!

Let's get started!

Is your company ready to learn more about website content or any of the above? Easton Advertising is here to deliver you custom copy every step of the way. Our team of content writers will not only cater to your brand, but we sit down with you and walk you through every piece to assure that you’re getting the deliverables you want with our creative spin.

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