Let’s face it – we are all addicted to technology and every spec of information and data nowadays online! In reality, there are still effective forms of communication and dissemination of information to be distributed through a variety of printed vehicles. Newspapers and magazines may be seeing a decline in subscriptions, but limited run tabloids and trade-specific publications will be around for many years to come, with print advertising available in almost all of them. For certain businesses and industries, these print ads are the life blood for getting your message out to a very specific demographic.

Easton Advertising’s roots began in the newspaper industry. We created effective, creative and award-winning print advertising and messages for years, while understanding the value of a well-placed, well-executed ad in the marketplace!   From design to placement, we’re ready to help you explore this tried and true method of advertising.

Let’s not forget direct mail, which is making a comeback after years as being a dinosaur in the industry.  The direct mail strategies have evolved to allow you to get targeted messages down the exact mailbox you are after – plus it can deliver your message for pennies on the dollar in an extremely effective and economical way.

We Make Print Ads POP!

There will always be a need for publication or print ads and at Easton Advertising, we know how to make those ads POP!  Whether you select a premium position, or use color, we have the skill set to design and create print advertising that will draw attention to your product or services.  Print advertising is where we began in the world of advertising and we know quite a bit about what it takes to design a unique, attention-grabber ad!  Powerful headline, intriguing image, and a to-the-point and relevant message for the reader. Print ads can be quite costly, so if they fit into your marketing plan, make sure the creative is impactful so you will get the most bang for your buck! Call us for a quote or requesting help in finding the perfect publication vehicle for your message! 

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Let's get started!

It’s as easy as asking for a quote or requesting help in finding the perfect publication vehicle for your message!  You won’t know how affordable print advertising is until you let Easton Advertising show you the numbers.  We have extensive expertise in this area, and we are ready to guide you to success.

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