Social Media Brand Recognition Connection


Social Media and Brand Recognition: What’s the Connection?

Consistent posting of engaging content across social media sites provide multiple purposes, but most importantly, boost and maintain company brand recognition.

Do you remember the first social media account you ever created? For me, it was Facebook in high school.

I vividly remember the numerous conversations I had with my parents begging to have a Facebook page like the others kids my age. For obvious reasons, safety and age were lectured on multiple times until finally, my senior year, they allowed for me to create a Facebook account. I so terribly wanted to get my name out, gain “friends,” and increase my “likes” to catch up to my peers who had longer established profiles.

The push to keep up with updates, take photos in the latest outfit, and engage in posts was greater than ever (as you can imagine, being a high school senior and all). This was the cool thing to do, and I wanted to play a part in it just as my peers did.

Ironically, this social media crazed teenager was dealing with the same thing that businesses are today:

recognition can be created through the use of social media engagement.

Blogging impacts search engine optimization.

As a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Easton Advertising, Inc.I often hear the struggles of clients in their efforts to engage in the social media aspect of marketing their business. Our team excels in managing ads, daily posting, and media creation for various clients, but this is our profession. Posting on one or two accounts may seem manageable for a business owner, but with search engine marketing and the need to reach audiences within their daily social media browsingensuring brand recognition across the board of social media can be very overwhelming.

Social media provides a source for daily engagement with customers and businesses ranging from local to global.

With a social media presence, businesses have a unique opportunity to show true day to day company culture, create their own voice, and advertise their products or services on a continually updated platform. 

Without a source of content, media postings will begin to seem irrelevant to targeted audience. Blogging is critical in maintaining new content for your social media platforms.

A proper combination of consistent posting, meaningful content, and audience interaction across various social media accounts(such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube) make for a recognizable brand with a known mission and purpose.

Starting this endeavor is a little unnerving as you create multiple social sites, discover the voice of your brand, and train others within your business to maintain that voice. Consistent posting of engaging content across social media sites provide multiple purposes, but most importantly, boost and maintain company brand recognition.